Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Date with the Dentist

Sheena has become a wonderful little girl, since her terrible recovery from the tonsils surgery and all the temper-tantrums and night-terrors that came with that. She took 4 or 5 weeks for that all to pass, and now she has a lovely steady mood, and is more switched-on and energetic than ever. Usually T&A surgery takes at the most 2 weeks to recover from, but people with Down Syndrome have a low immunity, and with her heart issues, and other medical complications it is not surprising that the surgery and anesthetic knocked her about immensely. Phew, nice to know it has passed. I realllly mean that - it was a very hard time to deal with. I am hoping the Pulmonary-Hypertension and Sleep Apnea has resolved, making her feel a lot better.

Sheena enjoyed the family holiday to the beach. We didn't manage daily trips to the beach, as Roy had a cold and Sheena had croup (only effecting her at night), but towards the end of the holiday we got to he beach a bit. In this photo, she fell in a rock-pool, and spent the rest of the beach trip freezing her butt off.

Since the holiday, she's seen a dentist. We got the Paediatrician to refer us to the dental clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital. I was very worried about her sensitivities around her head (i.e. hairdresser dramas), so I was too stressed out to take her to a local dentist. The RCH only sees children with other medical complications, so sure enough Sheena got in easy. She's got some deformities with her back bottom teeth, where the enamel has not formed correctly, so they are very susceptible to cavities. Great.... But she was a star at the clinic. She did get distressed during the examination, but they handled it well. She marched through the hospital like she owned the place. She held my hand when I asked her to. She was no stress in the lift which she was terrified of a few months ago. She came to the door and waved good-bye to the dental staff when I said we had to go with no complaints or fuss. I only put her in the pram once when I had to go into the chemist, because there was way too many tempting things for little fingers to muck-a-bout with. I was soooo proud. You have to enjoy the good times, especially after our tough month post-op.


rickismom said...

Aren't you lucky she behaved so well! My daughter Ricki was also pretty good at that age. But later she developed hyperactivity (in addition to the Down s.), and was quite a handfull for a while. Today she is 14 years old and generally OK, though a bit touchey and VERY teenagery.
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Shelley said...

Thats great! Kit has just drained a fortune out of our bank account for crowns- yup at 4!!! Han -luckily we were told is ok - but I guess I should take her somewhere where they will look at her teeth a bit more closely - apparently gum disease is a bit more of an issue with DS ... I will have to ask our pediatrician next time. Hope the holiday was good despite the illnesses. We are hoping to stay somewhere cheap down the coas close to friends and BIL in Melbourne weither these school holidays or next ones.