Monday, February 09, 2009

Swinging Sheena

No temper tantrums to speak of today. Must be hard having a lot say, but the words fail to come. Thank goodness for sign-language, despite its limitations.


Shelley said...

Lovely pic - she is very cute - cuter each time in fact.

BTW - how did you wangle a meet and greet with the wiggles??? We are going to see them in April and I wouldn't mind Han meeting them if it was possible.

Presuming you are out of the way of the bushfires. - Hope so anyways!

Shelley said...

Hi there - thanks for hte reply - have written my letter. Thank yoiu for hte tip! Hopefully We'll get to meet the Wiggles before their Enmore gig - Han would LOVE it (and so would I).

I've signed up for the travelling afghan that CJ is orgnanising. I hope to get a few families from the inner west involved - am happy to post it to you too, just let me know if you have any time and are interested! (Info on CJs blog and mine).