Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Seeking a quiet moment.

Sheena has been very, very difficult recently. Her behaviour has gotten way out of control at home, terrible 3's it seems, pushing the boundaries.

Apparently she is doing great at creche where she has started back 1 day a week in the 3 year old room. She only just turned 3, so she's one of the little ones of the room. The main carer was a bit wary of her out in the yard with the bigger kids, but apparently it went fine. She manages bigger kids in the playground in the local parks, so she'll manage it at creche we figure. I am more concerned that she'll get frustrated at the other kids being able to draw and do intricate puzzles quite well, but I am sure Sheena will progress with this over the year.

She also started back at her Developmental School today, and was just great with them. They've just relocated to a brand new school. Custom built in consultation with the teachers and therapists and its just great.

So far her challenging behaviour is limited to at home - so it might settle down as she continues to get over her T&A surgery. The ENT said that this can happen, as its quite a traumatic event.
She's started have Night Terrors which are horrible. We also put that down to the surgery experience, but we'll monitor it incase it is a sleep apnea episode which the tonsils surgery was meant to resolve. Never a quiet moment in Sheena's little life.


Heather said...

Feisty ... that's what I have always love about Miss Sheena!!Good luck momma.Hand in there.

Becca said...

I've heard that the 3s are worse than the 2s. That definitely scares me. Some guy in a store yesterday heard Samantha yell, "no!", and said, "2?" Well, yeah. Good luck!

rickismom said...

Well, yes the twos and threes are BOTH bad! But they are important. All that "Let me do it my way" can promote a lot of learning.
Most kids, even "normal" ones, act out either in school OR at home. SOMEWHERE they let it all out. Be gratefull it is at home. YOU know that any misbehavior is due to being two-three. School staff might blame it on the Down sndrome.