Thursday, January 22, 2009

Turned A Corner?

We're just starting day 8, and I am hoping we've turned the corner since T&A surgery. Sheena had me very worried yesterday afternoon after not eating or drinking all day, and barely the previous 2 days. Other than being pale and cranky she didn't show significant signs of dehydration, but I didn't like the path she was on. I wonder if her low muscle tone means she doesn't need as much fluids as most kids without getting dehydrated. A teddy bear picnic in the backyard did the trick late in the afternoon, as well as chocolate milk which she's never taken to before. Yesterday was all about experimenting on the fluids front, so it was very satisfying when she finally agreed to have a drink. She had half a slice of bread at the picnic (chose the peanut butter over avacado), and lots of milk. Sigh of relief from mum. She's lost over 1/2 a kilo since the surgery, and is looking so slim.

She's been better since, and only needed one dose of panadol to get her through the night. Much better than 4 hourly like for the past few nights.


amy flege said...

aww i love the teddy bear party! hope she is on the mend!

Heather said...

Happy to find that a corner maybe has been turned.Too sweet the teddy bear picnic.And Roy .... what a big,healthy boy he looks to be!