Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our big list of accomplishments

There is a big list of things that Sheena has recently started to do. It is all fantastic. I say 'our' big list because with her global developmental delay she needs a lot of direction and assistance with all of these successes. I notice this all the more now that she's got a little brother who has so much natural ability in everyway. Watching his little fingers point to pictures in a book takes my breath away.

Here's our list:

-Sitting on the potty about 6 times a day - and 2 successes with wee, or 'ssssssss' as she calls it. She is quite delighted with the whole ritual and often reminds me that it is toilet time!!!
-Telling me (using the toilet sign) that she is doing a poo (not enough time to get to potty yet).
-She can now get out of her car seat on her own (thankfully I still have to undo the safety harness, although she'd do that too if her fingers were strong enough).
-Setting the table, with a lot of guidance, but she is a very willing and able helper.
-Standing on a step to brush her teeth in front of the basin (she'd do this 6 times a day if I let her, she takes real delight in doing it). Its amazing what a bit of core strength enables.
-Walking up and down steps with no hands, although we desperately encourage holding onto the rail!
-Putting on her pants, although they always seem to get caught on her rear, and she needs help there. She's eager to put on her shoes but that is a lot harder. She regularly fetches them, and sits and has a go.
-She can jump, but needs a bit of a run-up. Its probably more of a skip than a jump.
-Putting her toys away with a fair bit of enthusiasm (most of the time).
-Rubbing her lotion and sunscreen in
-Being a great playmate to Roy, if not a bit bossy most of the time.
-Very competently playing with mega-blocks


Becca said...

Go, Sheena!! I love the update, but particularly love the part about putting her toys away with some enthusiasm. LOL She's a sweetie!

Heather said...

Such an impressive list!!! I can only hope and pray that Zoey is able to do half as much, when she finds herself at Sheena's age.Way to go Sheena!!

Shelley said...

Woo Hoo - what a great list of accomplishments. Go Sheena!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Wow...that is quite the list. Way to go Sheena!!!