Saturday, September 20, 2008

Now that's a helmet

Hubby has a new motor bike, and of course Sheena has to get in on the fun.

Unfortunately, from a health perspective, Sheena has been rather complex for the past month. She's had a number of blue episodes, and they are now coming once or twice a day. She is also now sleeping 12-13 hours over night, as well as having a 3.5 - 4hr nap during the day. On top of this, her appetite is significantly reduced.

We purchased an oximeter from ebay, and her oxygen levels and HR are dropping significantly during these blue events. We visited her Paediatrician, and he ran some tests - including Thyroid, allergies and FBE, and they all came back normal. He also referred us to he cardiologist who we went to on Thursday. The echo showed she has Pulmonary Hypertension, which can be very serious if its primary, so we're hoping its secondary and due to some airway obstruction or sleep apnea. I'd rather it be nothing of course, because none of them are straight forward like taking a pill in the morning. She's now booked to have a 24 hours Holter monitor test next Friday which will check her heart beat overnight, and then due to see a respiratory and sleep specialist the following Monday. Ughhhhh - stress!!!


Heather said...

Love the helmet! As far as the PH,so sorry to add another thing to your already full plate.We will keep our fingers,toes and whatever else crossed for it to be secondary in nature.Sheena is one tough cookie and will work through this little road block like the trooper she is.We will check in soon for updates. Till then you remain in our prayers.

My name is Sarah said...

wow that is some helmet. I bet it was heavy.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

What a helmet!! I'm sorry that you have some additional health worries going on with Sheena. She seems like a very strong gal and I'm sure she'll tackle this with no problems. I'm hoping it is secondary ph and she is in my thoughts!

Shelley said...

Oh Joy - I am sorry - fingers crossed everything goes well. I hate those tests though. Unlike the helmet - which looks great on Miss Sheena!