Friday, September 26, 2008

Holter Hazards

Sheena has her Holter Monitor on today. She has it descreetly hidden underneath these clothes, and I am not drawing any attention to it for now, so no photos of it directly. The technician fitting it annoyed me because:

1) He kept on calling Sheena a boy
2) He offered no advice on how to keep the thing on a 2 year old

He handed me a strap to sling over my shoulder to hold the device. As much as I love Sheena, I have no intention to staying within 1 meter of her for 24 hours. I said what about a belt, and he then presented a few adult size belts. We ended up wrapping an adult size belt around her twice. The cords are all messy, and I know they can done much neater, and even put in a box to keep them all together. This is why we usually go to The Children's rather than Monash, but her Cardiologist is based at Monash so its a bit tricky to negotiate.

Anyway we are managing well with the holter monitor, and Sheena still had one of her mammoth naps even though all she did today was walk in and out of the hospital. Of all days, when I want to minimize all clothes changes while Sheena has all the bits attached to her, she did the poo-wee sign to show she needed to do a poo. Not the day for a rushed trip to the potty. Definitely time to start potty training I think.


Heather said...

Hope 24 hours passes quickly.Necessary evil I suppose if it yields some answers.Thinking of you all,especially Miss Sheena.Hope your weekend is uneventful and relaxing.Hoping little Roy is finding his way as well.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

We just finished doing a holter monitor this week too! Gabi had what looked like a tiny purse that I put over her to where her head and one arm were through it, then I told her she had to take care of it because it's the doctor's purse and we need to give it back to him. I told her that the Doctor is letting her borrow his purse. It worked thank God! I usually make them give me an extra roll of tape, extra lead patches and a diagram showing where each wire attaches. I have yet to have to fix any of them, but man those things kill her coming off! Then her skin is red and irritated where they were and and the glue residue takes forever to wear off. I don't have the heart to scrub it off since her skin is already irritated from it!

Sheena is a cutey! I can't believe he kept calling her a boy! I'll let anyone slide maybe once, but to keep doing it is very rude!

Best wishes with those blue episodes!