Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Very Serious - but not for long

Sheena was looking rather serious here until the camera came out. She has taken to enjoying art - hence looking rather pleadingly at her table. Thankfully they do a lot of painting at childcare and playgroup, because I can't be bothered with tidying up paint at the moment. I am quite happy for crayons, but not the whole smock and paints process while we get through the newborn stage with Roy.

Sheena is being a great big sister. Only one time of very obvious jealousy when she didn't want to be put down when Roy needed a feed. That is fair enough.

Roy is gaining weight. 80gm over the weekend, when they were hoping for 90gm. Close enough when you think about the amount that goes in and out at his age. He seems so much stronger, and is filling out. The nurse that comes out is an Enhanced Maternal Health Nurse - i.e. home visits, and more frequent visits than usual after a baby is born. We've been spoilt with services since Roy had all his heart problems. She recommended that we get our immunisations at the Hospital Clinic rather than through the local council, as heart-kids can be effected by them more so. A bit scary! The first lot are only three weeks away.


Heather said...

Keep putting on that weight little man! Way to go mommy and Roy. Keep it up!

Shelley said...

I feel that way about the whole painting gig too - unfortunately I have no excuse! Maybe these school holidays? Glad to hear Roy is doing well with his weight.

amy flege said...

way to go on the weight gain! he is so cute!