Saturday, July 26, 2008


Always eager to make the next step forward, it is easy to overlook the huge progress Sheena has made this year. Here is a picture of Sheena showing off something she perfected since March this year - climbing and sitting on a chair (with mum and dad confident that she won't fall off!), and able to get back down again independently.

I am still weary of Sheena managing heights. Her lax joints means that she might want direct her leg 20cm, but her leg might accidentally fling 30cm, and over she would go.

Speaking of independence, Sheena will now insist on trying to read a book herself. Occasionally I am allowed to read it first, but then she'll want to take control. She is very determined to learn how to flick through all the pages herself without us helping by opening each page a little bit. Sheena is rather eager to develop the fine motor skills to manage this task.

The other thing Sheena is very keen to pick up is walking up and down stairs without using her hands to crawl up and down. She usually doesn't get frustrated with lack of success, and she'll just do something repeatedly before she perfects it, but if she has to sit down along the way trying this, it is definitely tears.

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Jill Porvaznik said...

oh that Sheena, sounds like a little overachiever to me...and just like a girl to pour on the tears, I have one of those myself. She always wipes them before they can roll down her cheeks, it is so sad. She is a doll.