Monday, June 25, 2007

Ears and Eyes

Sheena breezed through a hearing assessment last Friday. There was a fair bit of fluid in both her ears, but it certainly isn't effecting her hearing. She was very impressive.

Her eye test today was not good. Quite a few things are quietly brewing. She is moderately long-sighted, so we knew she'd be wearing glasses by the time she hits school, but she's recently started to have a slight turn in her right eye for fleeting moments. It might happen 3 or 4 times a day, then another day I wouldn't see it at all. It didn't come up during the examination, so it is not bad yet at all, but the doc said it doesn't surprise him because of her long-sightedness. The long-term issue is that she might stop using that eye, in favour of the stronger one, so vision won't develop - but this is not the case yet. So we now have 4 things on the cards:

1. Glasses to help vision and correct a turn, 2. a patch for an hour a day to help the same, or 3. surgery to correct the turn, but that is only for appearance as it doesn't help vision. Finally, as it happens, 4. she also has a blocked tear-duct, which might require surgery - however it is not causing her issues other than some excessive tearing so we're sitting on that one for now.
Basically we're sitting on all of it for now, and reviewing in 6 months. These things are not effecting her vision for the time-being, and they might correct themselves. I am not holding my breath.
I'd just like to add that Sheena completely worked the room in both of these appt's to ensure that she put a smile on every one's face. She had everyone getting out of their normal doctor's waiting-room etiquette, as they cooed over her while she beamed at them.


Jessica said...

Glad to hear that Sheena did so well with her hearing test!
Joey had a blocked tear duct too but thankfully it cleared up on it's own. His eye dr. said that he will need glasses by the time he's ready for school too.

~Melissa~ said...

It sounds like Sheena is quite the charmer :) It's great she did so well with her hearing test and I bet she'll look very cute in glasses!

amy flege said...

yippy on the hearing test! I sure hope you dont have to go the glasses route. they are a pain!!!!

Shannon said...

I'm glad she passed her hearing test. I hope the transition to glasses is a smooth one! She's a cutie!

L. Noelle said...

Glad about the hearing! She sure has her cuteness going for her! Who cares about glasses!

Kim Ayres said...

It's been a couple of weeks now since you last posted. Is everything OK?