Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Year, New Kinder

Sheena is settling into her routine nicely for year. Early Intervention Kinder is going well so far - she has adapted to the new room and new teachers with ease. I am very excited about her starting a weekly swim program. Its a full excursion every Tuesday, where they leave kinder on a bus trip to the public pool. They have to carry their own bags into the swim centre, but they'll get oodles of support with swiming and with dressing etc which she definitely needs. I am so going to spy on her, and be very careful not to let her see me. I want to see how different she behaves at the pool when I am not around. When I go swimming with her is very clingy, but at the same time really likes it and does lots of kicking and uses the kick-board with a lot of enthusiasm.


Rosemary said...

Just wait for the photo of the new bathers, I can't wait.

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