Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Library Corner

Sheena is being good here sharing books with her little bro, but she is not too keen on sharing much with him at the moment. She regularly snatches the one block Roy is playing with, despite there being another 10 blocks within reach. She is being quite territorial most of the time. Then on another occasion, she'll decide to be gracious and take a toy over the Roy and place it in his hand. I think she does this so purposefully, because after playing with other children with disabilities in early intervention (some with more physical limitations that Sheena) she does not assume that Roy can reach out and grab a toy.

We've had big success since starting to use a nasal spray to improve Sheena's sleep apnoea. She is having only a few sleep-disturbances, and her day time naps are reducing to 1 hour on some days. She has very narrow nasal passages, so this is helping open up the airways.

We are having zero luck with the play-glasses that I bought to help Sheena get used to wearing prescription glasses. I baulk at paying $300 for glasses knowing that we can't get her to put any frames on for even 3 seconds, if at all...


jamie said...

Cute photo. Can tell they are brother/sister, they have the same expression on their faces :)

Love em to bits.
Aunty Christy xx

amy flege said...

please check out
They are made just for children with DS and are soooooo flexible. Mayson has them and we love them! they are very reasonable priced too!! Good luck! wow roy is sure getting big!