Thursday, July 09, 2009

A dedication to Aunty Christy

Aunty Christy is 19 weeks pregnant. Yay, another baby for Sheena to play with.

We've had a bad run of it lately with Sheena. Her sleep apnoea is well and truely back, and I think her pulmonary hypertension has come back with it. She's had a winter virus, and this has pushed her over the edge. She can be very irritable during the day at times, probably because she's had a bad nights sleep.

She's just had more bloods done, and we're off to see her Pead next week as we might have to medicate her for the Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. They'll want another sleep study before hand, but we know she has it. She's started going blue again at times, which means her circulation is poor. Its not an emergency as it may seem, and as we thought it was last year when it was happening. Her oxygen sats are normal enough.

I am exhausted with it all. School holidays have not been easy with her being out-of-sorts and not 100%

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amy flege said...

glad to see an update. poor sheena. i hope its nothing to serious!