Friday, December 12, 2008

Dissappointing Day

Here Sheena is hamming it up with her rapidly growing 'little' brother.

Very disappointing news from the ENT specialist today. We were all geared up for Sheena to have her tonsils and adenoids out next week, but its been put off until January or February next year. While Sheena's been sick for the past few days she's been having nurophen quite regularly, but you can't have it for 2 weeks before the surgery because it can cause bleeding. Hubby had organised days off work, I'd organised Nan to look after Roy on surgery day, and basically cleared the calendar for the following week (despite it being Christmas time). Anyway, there are worse things in the world of course, but we are disappointed.

She is still sick, but the ENT Doc said its not her ears or throat, so I don't know what is up. Barely drinking, and only eating a few crackers a day. Her color is terrible too.


Kari said...

AWW poor Sheena! How stressful!!! You know if you check my blog last year this time I was going through just this. They put off Tristan's T&A for what seemed like years. He finally got it done after Christmas and everything turned out awesome. I hope when Sheena goes in everything goes as smooth as it did for us. I wrote about it in detail if you want to read about a positive surgery experience :) Hope your sweet girl is feeling better and can enjoy her Christmas!!

My name is Sarah said...

So sorry to hear that.